Random thoughts while I sketched my last post. My headcanon for hair band Pillar Men is basically like…

Kars is lead vocals and… guitar maybe? I feel like he’d want to be the center of attention and be the one to set the melody.

Esidisi would be bass because he would be more like the foundation that supports Kars, and his interests are in harmonizing to compliment his sound.

Wamuu is drums because I feel like he’s such a serious guy that he’d never miss a beat. Providing accurate time for everyone else, he doesn’t mind being in the back but is actually a vital role. (He might appreciate some acknowledgement though)

And Santana is the guy that was in the band for a short time and just kind of left.

Why can't they have kids???


mercury poison affects fertility. 

korra was severely poisoned and still had bits of it still left in her body for 3+ years. 


- Was that on purpose?- Certainly not...
- Was that on purpose?

- Certainly not...

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Sylveon - Halloween Version~


Sylveon - Halloween Version~


p’li: *dies*


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Chibi Poke Profs!
I finally finished it! All Pokemon generations’ professors with (claimed to be) their Pokemon as well as my personal favourite starters from each gen.
(And yeah, it’s a bit of a mix between the game-verse and anime-verse, with a pinch of manga-verse.)


imagine your icon not just breaking the fourth wall, but utterly shattering it until there is no hope of it being repaired. there are shards of fourth wall everywhere. whenever you read or watch something, the characters are able to see you. life will never be the same. react how you wish.

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